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Are you looking for a professional garage door service near you? We’re a reliable company with many years worth of experience in the industry. We have helped many homeowners and business owners fix their garage door issues without putting their health or property at risk. Moreover, we fix all types of garage doors, be it sectional, roller, etc.

 Broken Garage Springs Replacement Service

Garage doors with broken springs malfunction and thus fail to open or close. Although replacing the springs might seem easy, it’s not. You require proper background knowledge and the right tools to replace broken springs. Garage doors are also quite heavy, meaning there’s a need for enough manpower to handle such doors.

DIY repairs mean you have to work on your garage door alone, posing serious risks to your health. Furthermore, a garage door is controlled by various systems that require skilled knowledge to fix.

What Causes a Garage Door Spring to Break

Garage door springs have a limited lifespan, averaging 10,000 cycles. Upward and downward movements of a garage door makes up a single cycle.  Your garage door spring replacement depends on your garage door usage.

Therefore, when a spring has reached its lifespan, it is bound to break. When that happens, garage door springs release all the tension they are subjected to by the weight of the door, failing to balance it for easy operation.

Since most weight is felt when a garage door balances in a downward position, the spring is likely to break at that point. It`s also important to never walk under a garage door when it`s in use because when the springs break, the door might fall. It can damage or kill whatever it finds on its way.

Broken Garage Door Springs Replacement Services

Broken garage door springs require replacement. They can either be torsion or extension springs. Torsion springs are fixed on the inside of garage door at the top in a parallel position, featuring aluminum drums on each side of the door. Springs are usually under great tension for efficient garage door opening and closing.

On the other hand, extension springs are fixed in a perpendicular position to the garage door on both sides. Available as large steel rubber bands, this second type of springs stretch when a garage door is closed, constricting when it opens.

Broken Garage Door Springs Replacement

High quality, reliable and powder-coated springs are chosen by professionals for replacement of broken ones. The coating offers protection from friction and corrosion, factors responsible for wearing out of garage door springs.

Professional garage door repair companies usually replace both springs often used in garage doors because replacing just the broken component doesn’t last before the other spring also breaks.

Garage doors are available in different sizes, shapes and types, and so are the springs. Professionals know how to choose the right spring size for compatibility with the malfunctioned door.

Last, but not least, the professionals assess the repaired garage door for safety. The inspection is aimed at ensuring the replacement or repair is a success.

Contact us today for broken garage springs replacement services in your local neighborhood or town.